SO 3 Arty1It’s release day for The Man Who Told the World! I’m excited to have it out in the world and am feeling pretty good about having this trilogy complete. I’ve been thinking about it for so long now, it’s hard to let Conor go – not that I am completely, I would like to re-visit some of the characters again – but I do feel that Conor’s story is complete in a way that makes me happy. I just hope that everyone feels the same way!SO 3 Arty2

To give my brain a break from writing I like to play around with pictures and designs on Canva. I’m no cover designer but it is fun and I thought I’d share some of the artier designs I came up with for Sing Out 3. Think of them as potential album covers for Conor!

I hope you enjoy the book! SO3 Arty3This series has been a lot of fun to write, even if it led me down some deep YouTube rabbit holes looking for songs, and completely exhausted my ability to find character names. Yes, at one point I was prepared to name every single one of the Singing Sensation contestants. The whole host Matt vs Matty the AD was a personal in-joke at how insane coming up with new names had driven me.  Still I loved writing this, and Conor and Derek’s conversations make me so happy, even when (especially when) they’re angsty. Hope you feel the same, and I’m always interested to hear your thoughts and opinions!