All this week some of the biggest names in M/M romance are giving away stories, novels and novellas. It’s the Big Gay Fiction Giveaway! Just click the link to browse the available titles.


I’m excited to a part of it with a new 16K holiday story, featuring all new characters. I hope you enjoy!

New Year’s Eve 1999—it’s either the end of the world or the start of something new.
nye-story-smallDaniel, a shy record store clerk, finds himself closing up the store by himself on New Year’s Eve. He’s got big plans—either throwing himself at yet another straight boy crush, or going home alone to see if Y2K really does cause worldwide panic. Messing up those plans is Nix, a snarky wannabe DJ and maybe shoplifter. With the countdown on, they have to face their own fears and a mutual attraction. What will happen when midnight comes? Will it be a kiss or the end of the world as they know it?

This standalone story is complete at 16K with no cliffhangers! It also features obscure 90’s music, unfair slagging of Gap-wear, and explicit sexytimes between adult men.