Chasing Cameron - Boxset-small

The only time Chase will let himself be put inside a box! Chasing Cameron, the steamy gay romance novella series, collected in a box set.

Now with a new, sexy, epilogue!

Cameron’s life was on a straight, and narrow, path until he met Chase. Now everything he thought he knew about himself is turned upside down. Fortunately Chase is there to lead Cameron on a journey of sexy self-discovery… where love turns out to be the most surprising discovery of them all.

The complete series:
Confused (at the conference): Cameron meets Chase at a business conference. Two good-looking men, an expensive bottle of Scotch, a hotel room – anything can happen.

Bothered (in the boardroom): Chase shows up at Cameron’s office – is he looking to pick up where he left off? Or is Chase strictly business?

Experienced (in several fields): Cameron’s determined to explore his newfound sexuality – with Chase’s help. Chase leads him through the back rooms of gay clubs and BDSM dungeons, and makes some surprising discoveries.

Committed (in theory): Chase and Cameron face their greatest challenge yet – a committed relationship. Can they find a way to make it work for them?

Note: This series contains explicit scenes between extremely good-looking men. Some chapters include M/M/F and M/M/M threesomes, BDSM, explorations of swinging, references to past drug use, and inappropriate use of office furniture.