The third book in the Dragon Hunters series has been sent off for editing. Fingers crossed, it should be ready for a September release. I’m excited to have this book out there. It’s a wrap-up of the series and a chance for the characters from the previous books to meet up. Confirmed dates and an official title/cover reveal will be happening soon but in the meantime here’s a little glimpse of what’s to come.

It was dark when Tris awoke. He hadn’t bothered to pull up the blanket before he’d fallen asleep, and his bare skin was chilled. Usually, Tris didn’t have to worry about blankets because he had Ormur to warm him, but the space in the bed beside him was empty. 

Tris sat up, the chain of the amulet catching on the hair of his chest. Ormur was standing at the window, staring out. He was also naked, which Tris should probably point out wasn’t a good idea in a crowded city, but he was so beautiful that Tris’s breath caught in his throat. 

Something though about the way Ormur stood made Tris get up. He needed to see Ormur’s face. He crossed the room to stand beside him and stared up.

The moonlight was bright enough that Tris could see the sweep of freckles on Ormur’s cheeks. He could also see the haunted look in Ormur’s eyes.

Tris took Ormur’s hand. “What’s going on with you? Please tell me the truth this time.”

Ormur ducked his head. “I thought I could ignore it. I tried for days but it’s only getting stronger.” He lifted his eyes to stare fiercely at Tris. “You’re enough for me, Tris, I don’t want anything else but you — but I realize this isn’t going to stop until I go back. Damn them all.”

“Who? Ormur, what are you talking about?”

Ormur’s lip curled in a sneer that was not meant for Tris. “Dragons. I’m being called to a meeting of dragons. The first in nearly two hundred years.”

Tris felt a sudden rush of excitement. He’d never heard of there being more than one dragon in one place at a time. “Dragons? How many?”

Ormur glared out at the moon as though it personally offended him. “All of them. Every dragon in the world.”